Programme 2: Talkable Content Marketing that Travels


While digital disruption is driving rapid change, human motivations and behaviour adapt at a far slower pace. We are essentially driven by our emotions, and it is this which drives our behaviour and which leads us to share stories.

This programme will introduce you to the basic elements of psychology that explain how and why we consume and share information, how we are influenced and the implications for creating and amplifying content.

Programme Goals

At the end of this programme, you will:

      • Think: I understand what motivates people to share, how they are influenced and how content is amplified across owned, earned and paid channels.
      • Feel: I feel confident and motivated to create sharable content for my brand.
      • Do: I will apply these learnings to content planning and creation at the outset and create more talkable content.

Programme Objectives

The programme will help you:

      • Recognise the key ways that we communicate, store and consume information.
      • Understand what motivates human behaviours and the implications for marketing.
      • Distinguish between the different ways we are influenced and describe the types of influencers.
      • Describe the differences between owned, earned and paid media, and understand how best to use each for optimum results.
      • Consider the requirements for effective evaluation and review.
      • Work through the key elements of a talkable content marketing plan.