Programme 3: Content Marketing Essentials

The way we market has fundamentally changed.

We have moved from broad broadcast ad campaigns that interrupt, to targeted, personalised programmes that give value and engage. And at the heart of this is content marketing, the provision of valuable, relevant branded content designed to drive lasting, meaningful and mutually rewarding relationships with an audience.

This programme gives a practical guide to the essentials of content marketing, and will inspire and motivate you to get started.

Programme Goals

At the end of this programme, you will:

  • Think: I understand what great content marketing looks like, the role it can play for my brand and how best to create it.
  • Feel: I feel confident and motivated to undertake content marketing for my brand.
  • Do: I will create a purposeful content marketing strategy and plan for my brand.

Programme Objectives

The programme will help you:

  • Understand what content marketing is and its role within the changing marketing landscape.
  • Appreciate how everyone is a content creator and the competition that creates for brands.
  • Recognise the key criteria behind rich, valuable content.
  • Explore the different options for cooperative content creation.
  • Appreciate the benefits and challenges of agile, real-time content marketing.
  • Consider the requirements for effective evaluation and review.
  • Work through the key elements of an always-on, purpose-led content strategy.