Programme 1: Communicating in a socially connected world


We are living in a digital, socially-connected world and undergoing a communications revolution.

    • A world where what you do is far more important that what you say, and where consumers can make or break a brand.
    • A world of fragmented media channels, where multi-screening is the norm.
    • A world in which know we must constantly collect data but where we don’t know how best to get value from it.
    • A world of perpetual beta, where your competition just launched a newer, better product from their bedroom.

This is a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, changing and ambiguous – but this programme will inspire you, increase your knowledge and skills, and will put you one step ahead of the curve.

Programme Goals

At the end of this programme, you will:

    • Think: I recognise and understand the macro changes affecting the marketing landscape, and can identify the implications for my brand.
    • Feel: I feel knowledgeable and confident to apply these learnings to my brand.
    • Do: I will adopt a digital mindset and deliver more effective and efficient marketing solutions in the digital space.

Programme Objectives

The programme will help you:

    • Recognise the macro changes affecting society, their impact on consumer behaviour and the implication for marketing.
    • Understand how data brings offers the opportunity for more personalised, more effective, more efficient marketing.
    • Appreciate how a customer-centric approach impacts all disciplines, and places Marketing at the heart of the organisation.
    • Define the value of social media for insight, engagement and communications, as well as the implications for customer experience.
    • Evaluate how changes in media habits and the growth in digital channels have affected integrated communications.
    • Describe how technology, hyper-connectivity and the Internet of Things is impacting consumer behaviour.
    • Consider the opportunities and challenges of agile, real-time marketing as part of your marketing planning.
    • Understand how the traditional marketing funnel has evolved and apply to your planning.